The partners in Kemnitzer, Barron & Krieg have represented consumers for 35 years. Bryan Kemnitzer, Nancy Barron and William Krieg were some of the first California lawyers to bring private lawsuits to enforce the California Lemon Law, vehicle financing laws, repossession rights, rules against door-to-door scams, and other consumer protection laws.

The lawyers at Kemnitzer Barron & Krieg understand the unfairness that often occurs in the purchase of a vehicle. Car defects, auto fraud and deceptive lending practices have caused a financial bubble as ugly as the mortgage crisis. For most Californians, a vehicle is the essential means of getting to work or school, and the primary asset of working families. If deceptive or predatory practices have occurred, Kemnitzer, Barron & Krieg can do something about it.

In the last 35 years, they have brought justice to thousands of individual clients and more than a million class members for whom they served as class counsel. They have arranged for the repurchase or refund of more than 35,000 cars and trucks, they have and eliminated nearly $3 billion in unlawful debt.

Not every case needs to go to trial, but partners Bryan Kemnitzer, Nancy Barron and William Krieg each have solid trial and appellate experience to back up their efforts to settle cases in California state and federal courts. Demonstrating their role in developing consumer protection law in our state, they have helped shape the consumer law in California and have many reported appellate cases - and have briefed and argued even more unreported cases - that they have handled on behalf of consumers. In every phase of litigation, they are well prepared.

There is no charge for a consultation. If we take your case, we do so pursuant to fee shifting statutes, meaning the other side pays for our attorney's fees.