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If you are a California consumer who has been wronged by a corporation, we are on your side. KBK is one of the preeminent consumer law firms in California. For over four decades, KBK attorneys have made sure California consumers receive economic justice. KBK’s vast experience comes with results to match.

  • KBK attorneys have represented thousands of individual consumers in cases involving defective vehicles, the lemon law, fraudulent vehicle sales, vehicle repossessions, door-to-door sales scams, solar panel issues, deceptive financing practices, and unfair and illegal debt collection.
  • KBK attorneys have obtained numerous injunctions prohibiting corporations from continuing to engage in unlawful activities.
  • KBK attorneys are responsible for automobile manufacturers repurchasing over 35,000 defective vehicles.
  • KBK attorneys have been appointed lead or co-lead counsel in over 250 consumer class actions.
  • KBK attorneys have represented over 500,000 class members.
  • KBK attorneys have obtained waiver of over $3 billion in uncollectable debt.
  • KBK attorneys have obtained recovery of over $500 million for California consumers.
  • KBK attorneys have argued before the California Supreme Court, the California Courts of Appeals, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the District of Columbia Circuit, the Eleventh Circuit, and Superior and District Courts throughout the state.
  • KBK attorneys have thirty-eight published appellate decisions.

Our attorneys have a passion for helping consumers stand up for themselves, whether the battle is against banks or automotive companies unwilling to comply with the law. We have the experience and legal knowledge to go toe-to-toe with even the most well-funded corporations and are not afraid to fight for your rights.

Not every case needs to go to trial, but KBK’s attorneys have solid trial and appellate experience to back up their efforts to settle cases in California state and federal courts. Demonstrating their role in developing consumer protection law in California, they have helped shape the consumer law in California and have many reported appellate cases that they have handled on behalf of consumers.

Our firm has handled thousands of cases against many of the biggest corporations in the world – we are not afraid to fight for your rights, regardless of who we are up against.

Our Door-to-Door And Solar Panel Scam Practice

If you sign a contract for goods or services outside of an appropriate trade premises, you are entitled to cancel the sale within three days of the date of purchase, or five days if you are over the age of 65. You are also entitled to cancel the contract at any point if the seller does not comply with the requirements of the Home Solicitation Sales Act. The purpose of providing the right to cancel is to ensure the consumers are not forced into sales in non-traditional sales locations. If a consumer walks into a store and does not want a product, she can simply walk out. If a salesperson is in her living room, she does not have the same choice. Regardless of the circumstances of the sale, a consumer can cancel a contract solicited in their home at any time until the seller complies with the Home Solicitation Sales Act.

California law can cover situations involving countless types of products, including water filtration systems, gutter cleaning systems, and home computers. However, the most frequent product our office handles cases on is solar panels and the expensive loans related thereto.

Often, the financing of these products can be the most deceptive part of the entire transaction – undisclosed terms, hidden liens, and fraudulent pricing are some of the many devious tricks these companies deploy.

Our attorneys have broad experience getting these unfair contracts canceled, and getting California consumers’ money back.

If you believe you have been taken advantage of, please contact our attorneys.

Our Lemon Law and Dealership Fraud Practice

Do you think your car is a lemon? KBK founding partner Nancy Barron literally wrote the book on the Lemon Law. KBK attorneys were some of the very first attorneys to champion California’s strong consumer protection statues. Our firm obtained the first appellate decision concerning California’s Lemon Law.

If you bought a car that may be defective and is under the manufacturer’s original warranty, please call us to discuss your case. Typically, we will look for at least three repair attempts for the same issue. However, we are happy to review any potential case. We have also handled cases involving defective recreational vehicles and boats, and illegal practices involving motorcycle sales.

We also would like to talk to you if a dealer failed to notify you that your new or used vehicle was in a prior wreck. Typically, these cases involve a certified pre-owned (“CPO”) vehicle that the dealer has failed to adequately inspect. You might be surprised to learn that many franchise dealers hardly perform any inspection at all on these CPO vehicles that they claim to be in tip-top condition. Why do dealers do this? To pad their bottom line – they make extra money when they sell a CPO vehicle, regardless of the condition it is in. They just hope that you won’t find out how shoddy the vehicle actually is.

Car fraud and deceptive automotive lending have caused a financial bubble as ugly as the mortgage crisis. For most Californians, a vehicle is the essential means of getting to work and the primary asset of working families. We have successfully brought class actions in the areas of lemon law, repossessions, auto finance and auto defects.

Whether you are worried about your car being a lemon, or if you think you were taken advantage of during the sale, we are here to help.

Our Repossession Practice

Has your vehicle been repossessed? Call us. We are here to help.

The personal ramifications of a repossession can be significant. You have lost your vehicle, which is your method for getting to work, your way to transport your children to and from school, and your lifeline to get to essential services.

Then, there are the enormous legal and financial problems. In most cases, when dealing with a finance company, if you do not pay to retrieve your car after a repossession, the financial institution will sell your car at auction for significantly less than you paid for it and then assess a deficiency balance against you. The deficiency balance is the amount left over after the financial institution applies the proceeds from the sale of the car to the balance of your loan.

Our firm has successfully brought relief to hundreds of thousands of California consumers and waived billions of dollars of deficiency balances. If your car has been repossessed, contact us to see if we can help. If you have been sued for car related debt, do not ignore it. You need legal advice!

Our Banking and Credit Card Practice

It is an increasingly common (and unwelcome) occurrence for consumers to discover that fraudsters have raided their bank accounts or gained access to their credit cards. Attorneys at KBK are prepared to fight to have those funds returned or get charges reversed. The Electronic Funds Transfer Act and other laws protect consumers in exactly these situations. If you aren’t able to resolve the situation on your own, you may be entitled to damages plus the costs and attorney’s fees required to bring a claim.

If you believe a fraudster has accessed your accounts and you can’t resolve the situation with the financial institution, please contact our attorneys.

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KBK Obtains Appellate Victory Against Solar Finance Company February 2, 2024: The 5th District Court of Appeal affirmed a trial court’s ruling denying GoodLeap, LLC and Solgen Construction, LLC’s motions to compel arbitration. The opinion is available here.

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