Do You Handle Cases Involving Motor Homes?

What Do I Do if My Motor Home is Defective?

If you believe your motor home is defective you should get all together repair orders and paperwork regarding the motor home. This includes repairs that were performed within and out of California as well as purchase documents for the motor home. If you have communicated directly with the manufacturer you should also obtain documents verifying the information. Once you have all of these documents you should contact our firm. We will review your documents, schedule a meeting with you and decide how best to proceed.

What Types of Problems Have You Seen With Motor Homes?

A motor home is a complex vehicle with numerous components and various manufacturers including the manufacturer of the chassis, manufacturer of the engine and drive train, and the manufacturer of the coach. Defects range from various mechanical problems with the engine and the running of the motor home. In addition there can be problems with slide outs, leaking, and defective material. In previous cases we have had to retain metallurgists to demonstrate that improper welds, improper construction and defective metal led to numerous defects.

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Motor Homes?

The Lemon Law does apply to motor homes. Pursuant to California’s Lemon Law, a consumer must give the warrantor a reasonable opportunity to repair the product. If the defects which substantially impair the safety, use or value of the motor home cannot be repaired within a reasonable period of time, the consumer is entitled to get his or her money back.

Which Warranty Applies?

There are a number of warranties that apply to a motor home. These include the power train/engine warranty, the chassis warranty and the coach warranty. In order for the Lemon Law to apply, warranty repairs must have been attempted during the warranty period.

What if My Motor Home is Outside of the Warranty?

Even if your motor home is outside of warranty, if you had repairs attempted during the warranty and those repairs were unsuccessful, you still may be able to have a successful case against the warrantor. If the defects still exist, this would demonstrate that the manufacturer/warrantor was unable to repair the vehicle during the warranty period.

Should I Have an Expert Look at My Motor Home?

Before we take a case we will have an expert look at the motor home. Which expert we use depends upon the problems with the motor home. If the defects are coach related we will use an expert in coach related issues. If the defects are mechanical and relate to engine and drivability problems will use an automotive expert to examine the motor home. If the defects involve welding issues and defective metal we will use a metallurgist to examine the motor home. These decisions will be made based upon review of your documents.

What Can Your Firm Do for Me?

Our firm has filed a number of cases against motor home manufactures and related warrantors. If we take your case we anticipate that we will be able to have the motor home repurchased, recover the money you paid on the motor home, have the motor home paid off and retain our fees.

Will I Have to Pay Your Firm for Your Services?

You will not have to pay our firm for our services. We are paid only if we are successful with a case. If we are not successful we do not get paid.

What Can I Expect to Recover?

As set forth above we would hope you would be able to recover most of the money you spent on the motor home, including your down payment, payments and payoff. At our initial meeting we will discuss your expectations and what we can realistically expect to recover based on the circumstances of your case.

How Long Does a Case Involving a Motor Home Take to Resolve?

The length of time involved in bringing a case against warrantors of a motor home depends upon many factors including with defense firms are hired by the various warrantors. Very often motor home manufacturers raise frivolous defenses such as the non-existence of warranties and persist in litigating extensively. On the other hand, depending upon the firms hired by the warrantors, the defense attorneys will be cooperative and participate in mediation in an attempt to reach a settlement.

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