Volkswagen ID.4 Windshield Warping: Investigation

Some owners of late-model Volkswagen ID.4 are reporting windshield distortion waves or ripples in their vehicles. This reported defect may have an impact on the vehicle’s driving experience and safety. The distortions can cause discomfort, distraction, and potential visibility issues while driving.

The windshield distortion issue appears to affect a subset of Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles, although it is unclear how widespread the problem is. The exact cause of the windshield distortion waves or ripples in the Volkswagen ID.4 remains uncertain; however, this is an issue that should be covered under warranty. Owners who experience this issue with their vehicle may wish to return their vehicle to a dealership for replacement of the windshield.

If the dealer cannot remedy the defect after an unreasonable number of attempts, the owner may wish to explore whether Volkswagen would repurchase the vehicle.

Attorneys at Kemnitzer, Barron & Krieg may be able to help if the vehicle falls under the lemon law. Please contact us so we can determine if we can help.

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