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KBK understands the unfairness that often occurs in the purchase of a new or used car or getting a car loan. Many new and used cars are sold with serious defects. We are experts in the areas of lemon law and fraudulent vehicle sales cases. If you have bought a car that may be defective and is under warranty, is a certified used car, or has a safety defect, please call us to discuss your case. We also take cases where the vehicle was in a prior accident or was a prior rental vehicle and the purchaser was never notified by the dealer. We also specialize in vehicle finance cases including unfair debt collection and vehicle repossessions. We have also handled cases involving defective recreational vehicles and boats, and illegal practices involving motorcycle sales. 

There is no charge for a consultation, and if we take your case, we do so on a contingency fee basis, meaning the other side pays for our attorney’s fees.

The partners in our firm have represented consumers in automotive defect cases and repossession cases for 30 years. Bryan Kemnitzer, Nancy Barron and William Krieg were some of the first California lawyers to bring private lawsuits to enforce the California Lemon Law, repossession rights, and other consumer protection laws. In the last 30 years, they have brought justice to thousands of individual clients and more than a million class members for whom they served as class counsel. And, they have trained many other lawyers along the way.

Not every case needs to go to trial, but partners Bryan Kemnitzer, Nancy Barron and William Krieg each have solid trial and appellate experience to back up their efforts to settle cases in California state and federal courts. Demonstrating their role in developing consumer protection law in California, they have helped shape the consumer law in California and have many reported appellate cases that they have handled on behalf of consumers. Timothy Foote, a former California Deputy Attorney General, who is of counsel to the firm, brings another 30 years of trial and appellate experience into the fold.

Car fraud and deceptive automotive lending have caused a financial bubble as ugly as the mortgage crisis. For most Californians, a vehicle is the essential means of getting to work and the primary asset of working families. Yet, the banks often repossess the vehicle unfairly, failing to give post-repossession notices required by law, and illegally sending borrowers bills for deficiencies the banks have no right to collect. We have successfully brought class actions in the areas of lemon law, repossessions, auto finance and auto defects. In a series of class actions, KBK has obtained injunctive relief against collection of more than $2 billion in this unlawfully asserted debt and restitution for distressed borrowers. If you have been sued for car related debt, do not ignore it. You need legal advice!

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